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About No-Recruiters web application

This article will walk you through the basics of creating django views in real application.Hope all the techniques described will be helpfull, so you can apply them in your project.

Firstly download C# source.

  • NHibernate is used to manage persistent layer
  • All the necessary sql scripts are provided to create db and fill it with simple data

The application is a job search portal.Everyone who looks for a job can post his resume and each company looking for the employees can post an ad with the skills requirements,so no recruiters needed.

Main page.Search for an ad

There is a description of how search form can be maked up:



Edit an ad.Or how you can use inheritance in django views

File:NREdit.PNG As we need to edit both resumes and companies' ads,let's firstly create the base template and then override it for 'resume' posting and 'ad' posting.

Here is the base template for editing postings:


Depending on the contentType of the posting we want to render it either with edit a resume view or edit an ad view

Edit view for resume:


Edit view for ad:



In this article you have seen examples of usage just some of the django tags(block,if,ifequal,for) and filters(urlencode,default).

For more info about other tags/filters see django documentation

Also you know now how to use context variables,session variables,'for' loop scope variables.

If you want to read more about how No-Recruiters web application works see NoRecruiters controllers'