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NDjango :: Django templates in .NET

NDjango is an implementation of the Django Template Language on the .NET platform, using the F# language.

Oh and it's the default templating language for Bistro

What you get

The current version is being released as a beta. It has full django tag support, and most of the default filters. Also

  • Easily extend it by adding your own filters or tags, either using C# or F#
  • Plug-and-play NDjango with Bistro, ASP.MVC and MonoRail
  • Use NDjango standalone, through the NDjango Library
  • We also did some load testing of NDjango as compared to other rendering engines with some pretty amazing results
  • NDjango Editor with full blown support for syntax colorization, code completion and the such.

To download NDjango visit Downloads page.

You might also want to check Mike Feingold's Blog for the latest news on the NDjango

The Latest

Version was released with 2 main goals in mind: catching up with the latest version of Django templates and better integration with Visual Studio.

The first one covers the smart if tag as introduced by Django 1.2

The second one is primarily about simplifying of the installation process. NDjango from now on is shipped as a vsix file. It is still available for download from the google code. It is also directly accessible through the Visual Studio gallery. In your Visual Studio go to Extension Manager and search online gallery for NDjango. Once there clicking download installs NDjango runtime, editor and templates.

Version also introduces a third installation option: NDjango is now available as a NuGet. Once you have the NuGet library package manager installed, right click on your existing ASP.MVC project in the solution explorer and select "Add Library Package reference", then search for NDjango. The rest is taken care for you - all changes to the web.config, library references, etc. It will also install the editor of this is the first time you used NDjango from this computer.

Let's get started

Sure. Download everything you need here.

Why F#

F#, as a functional language, is particularly well-suited for writing parsers. It also shares some of the language features of Python (the language of Django) such as native tuples, closures, and list comprehensions, which makes translating Django's Python code over to .NET fairly straightforward. F# is officially supported as a first-class language for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0. That, combined with the fact that bistro natively supports F#, we thought the choice to be rather simple.

Help me!

Got questions? Comments? Concerns? Need to vent? For the first three of those, sign up for the ndjango-dev mailing list.

Found a bug? Submit it here.


The NDjango project was authored by Alex Pedenko, Michael Feingold and members of the Peqoud Ltd team.


We would like to thank JetBrains which has generously provided us with Open Source License of their delightfully useful ReSharper product.